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Ancient Egyptian Teachings and Initiations are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Perhaps, even more so. These teachings have been guarded and held pure through an ancient oral lineage to assist humankind into and through this next phase of human evolution. These teachings and initiations serve as keys to unlock the encodements that lie within us. Once these encodements are activated, all levels of our divine High Self are revealed and are called upon to participate in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual integration that supports our Ascension process. These practices stimulate our body’s own psychoneurophysiology to release "superhormones", the elixirs that stimulate and support this spiritual metamorphosis.

This sacred tradition embodies layer upon layer upon layer of meaning, ranging from the very simple to the highly complex and multidimensional. The benefits that can be derived from studying, experiencing, and practicing Ancient Egyptian Teachings and Initiations also span this range. Here are examples:

The specific energy practices include the Sacred Sciences of Breath, Sound, Geometry, Posture, Movement and Dance. The ancient alchemy, ceremony, rituals, symbols, star gates, architecture, archetypes, chants, and myths of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon create a rich tapestry for this Cosmic Cosmology.


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