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Ancient Egyptian Teachings

Level I

 djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)  Explore the rich cosmology of the Ancient Egyptian Huna Way,  as you experience these sacred teachings and initiations.  As a Djedu initiate,  you will discover keys to unlock the mysteries of your own psycho-neurophysiology through breath, sound, and energy practices.  These healing practices prepare you to activate your body's holy of holies;  to release the elixirs of metamorphosis in Awakening the Healer Within.

djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)   Purify your Body Temple through the Sa Hetep Na Forgiveness Rite.

This sacred rite heals 7 generations forward and past.

djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)   Embody your Full  Potential Self as you step into your Sahu.

djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)   Explore the realms of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon through Divine Body Postures.

 djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)  Enter the Temple Nub Khem to receive the Per Ab Ba Initiations. 

Opening of the Heart Shenka.

  djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)Enter the Temple Per Nub Ong to receive the Maat Rudat Initiation.

 djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)  Amply your healing Sekhem energies through the use of your Hekau (Words of Power), vision through the Mystic Pyramid (3rd eye), and guidance of your Sahu. 

 Learn several  ancient Egyptian Healing techniques.

djedbw.eps (138278 bytes)   Participate in  the Raising of the Djed Ceremony to stabilize and balance the Caduceus within and anchor the cosmic template.

Seti I Temple at Abydos 2000


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AET Level II

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Keepers of the Wisdom

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Out of EgyptTM

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