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Ancient Egyptian Teachings

Level III

"Sound, Electromagnetics & Manifestation"

uasgold.eps (147222 bytes) The Ancient Egyptians understood the power of sacred sound.  Learn harmonics and mantras to travel on the sound currents to higher levels of  consciousness to receive the  "Sheta Ren", your signature name & sound.

uassilver.eps (141718 bytes)  Receive the UR SA Initiation to open the crown shenka to the seven circuits above the head activating the ascension crown.

 uasgold.eps (147222 bytes)Discover advanced breathing and sounding techniques to strengthen your power center at the "Will Point" and use the cauldron of sexual energies to commune with your Beloved, the Divine.

 uassilver.eps (141718 bytes)Learn the principles and techniques to enhance manifestation, using the Greater Neter Sekher "Divine Blueprint".

   uasgold.eps (147222 bytes)Explore the use of the electomagnetic energies and sounding techniques to enhance inherent healing and potentiate your service as a conduit for the healing energies.



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AET Level I


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AET Level II

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Keepers of the Wisdom

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