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Ancient Egyptian Teachings

Level II

"Alchemy & The Elements"

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We are all Alchemical vessels. The alchemist uses the experiences of life as the catalysts necessary for transmutation.  Behind each symbol is an entire world of art, knowledge, and correspondence.  Alchemy is an approach to that which can not be approached.  It involves confrontation & attraction of opposites with multi-directional flow, crosses & spirals.  The elements are synthesized in the body - their hermetic vessel.  Mastery of the elements promotes healing on all levels and provides us with tools for this journey.

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Receive the Seker Initiation, the empowerment of the elements into your physical and energy bodies and activation of your diamond Sahu body.

Experience the MAUM Initiation and you will tour the Akashic library. Receive your Library access code to the Hall of Records.

You will "re-member" breathing techniques to re-activate your signature breath.

You will learn to become one with the elements and learn healing practices using these profound energies.

Experience Ecstatic Body Postures of the Neters. Journey and learn the sacred secrets of divination, healing practices, sound practices and metamorphosis.

Learn ancient chants that activate the shenkas( chakras), and neuro-spiritual structures of the pineal, pituitary and limbic systems.

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AET Level I

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Keepers of the Wisdom

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