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Mystery Teachings of Ancient Egypt

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Day I Depart on this Sacred Journey from NY to Cairo.
Day II Arrive & transfer to Mena House in Giza. "Welcome dinner".
Day III Sunrise ride (camel/horse) to Solar Cross to perform the opening ceremony. In the afternoon, tour of the Giza plateau, Temple of the Sphinx and enter the Pyramid of Menkaure.
Day IV Enter into Egypt’s ancient past at the Egyptian Museum of antiquities in Cairo. Visit the Coptic Church in old Cairo and the Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Travel by sleeper train to Aswan.
Day V Sail the Nile on board a felucca to Elephantine Island and visit the Temple of Khnum. Experience Ancient Egyptian purification rites.
Day VI Early morning boat ride to the Island of Philae. Receive teachings of Isis at the altar in the Holy of Holies.
Day VII Optional trip to Abu Simbel. Mid-day board our cruise ship on the Nile and sail to Kom Ombo. This Temple, dedicated to Haroeris & Sobek, balances the polarity and emotional body.
Day VIII Explore the Temple of Edfu, where the Falcon Neter Horus resides. Experience the "Beautiful Reunion Ceremony" of Horus & Hathor. In exquisite hieroglyphs, learn of the teachings of Horus & Set.
Day IX Explore the West Bank of Luxor at the Valley of the Kings. Visit Queen Hatchepsut’s Temple and the Tomb of Queen Nefetari.
Day X Receive the teachings of Amon-RA at the Temple of Karnak. Experience the sekhem energies of Sekhmet, the Neter of fire, destruction and transformation in a private ceremony.
Day XI Walk the ancient "Temple of Man" and experience the activation of your psycho-neurophysiology. Evening ceremony at the Luxor Temple.
Day XII Journey to Dendera, the Temple of Hathor. Celebrate the teachings of Hathor, the Neter of love, music, dancing and joy.
Day XIII Travel to Abydos, the Temple of Seti I and the Osireion, the temple of resurrection dedicated to Osiris.
Day XIV Return flight to Cairo.
Day XV Anchor the Sacred energies at Saqqara. Walk the Saqqara complex and re-enact elements of the Heb Sed festival.

Enter into & experience the Chambers of Initiation in the Great Pyramid during a private initiatory ceremony.

Day XVII Integrate the energies of Egypt and participate in a Farewell Dinner.
Day XVIII Journey back to your homelands.

Optional excursion to Mt. Sinai, St. Catherine’s Monastery and the "Hathor Temple" in the Sinai desert, where the white powder of gold was manufactured.

**Journey to specific temple sites by clicking on the highlighted temples.

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