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What relevancy do teachings of an ancient culture have for us in our high tech Western lives?

Even though the stage, the costumes, the props, the names, the places may be different, the challenges, desires, hopes and dreams are beyond time/space. The issues confronting us regarding who are we?; where do we come from?; what are we here to do? are the same today as they were 10,000 years ago. These practices are eternal in their ability to transform us into an Awakened One so that we may become the full embodiment of our divine essence, our HighSelf, the Anointed One.

 How did you become the teachers of these ancient teachings?

Meredith and I had become interested in exploring healing and spiritual traditions beyond Western medicine whereby breathing techniques were used for health benefits. A nurse colleague of ours introduced us to a woman who taught healing techniques entitled "Ancient Egyptian Teachings and Initiations". This woman became our teacher. We studied with her for several years and continued to ask her for more teachings. One day she called us up and told us that she would be retiring and was guided to pass these teachings on through us. We were to become the next generation to carry on this oral lineage.

I understand that you teach nursing in a school of nursing at a large university. How have you reconciled these two seemingly very different worlds?

There are times when it feels as though there is a huge chasm between the teachings of modern nursing and ancient healing techniques, and yet there is not. The Ancient Egyptian teachings are universal when it comes to helping others experience relief from suffering or find the hidden treasures that the illness journey can bring for soul development. These techniques help to activate our body’s own inherent healing capabilities and we can facilitate that for others. This is what nursing is all about. (I secretly suspect that Florence Nightingale was a priestess of the Ancient Egyptian Healing Way. After all, she did travel to Egypt, walked through the temples, entered the Great Pyramid, and sailed the Nile, returning a changed woman. From there, she went on to care for the wounded in the Crimean War and later founded modern nursing.)

I am a religious person. Do I have to change religions to study Ancient Egyptian Teachings?

No. The Ancient Egyptian Teachings and Initiations do not comprise a religion. These are spiritual practices that are compatible with most religions if not all. However, they may enhance your understanding of religious beliefs and practices. Christian beliefs and practices as well as Judaic have a common origin. Christ was actually an initiate of the Egyptian mysteries. Moses was also an initiate and teacher of the Egyptian temple mysteries.

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